Because it’s the thought that counts.

honey and cocoa arrowtown

Honey & Cocoa began as a store in gorgeous Arrowtown, stocked to the rafters with treats and treatments chosen for their quality, sustainability and ethical values. We were proud as punch of the talented beekeepers, chocolatiers and beauty helpers of New Zealand, and loved sharing their goodies with visitors from near and far.

But like many New Zealanders, world events that shall not be named made us think long and hard about our purpose and we realized it was time to think inside the box. That sharing the fruits of our people, flora and fauna didn’t have to be limited to a stunning location. It was about helping Kiwis share the best of our country with the ones they love - wherever they were, whatever their budget.

Building on that- we wanted to use our position to showcase talented locals around our region in our brick and mortar store as well as give them presence online.


Our B&M Store has CLOSED.

Unfortunately, due Covid-19 and all of the challenges it presented, we have closed our store front for the next few years. You can support us by shopping online and email us if we are missing products and where to find them. (Or, for an awesome deal)