Our selected finest Equagold products, including all the cacao superfood essentials- whether you are looking for cacao butter to make a balm, nibs for your smoothies or even couverture to make your own delicate chocolates. 
Now including a range of New Zealand made Vanilla products.

14 products found in Equagold

Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa
  • From $17.99 NZD
Equagold Ultimate Indulgence Drinking Chocolate
  • From $10.49 NZD
Equagold Black Cocoa Powder
  • From $16.99 NZD
Equagold Cacao Butter
  • From $27.99 NZD
Equagold Cocoa Nibs
  • $16.99 NZD
Belgian Style Dark 70% Chocolate Couverture
  • From $15.99 NZD
Equagold Chocolate & Vanilla Syrup
  • $15.99 NZD
Equagold Golden Light Organic Raw Vanilla Sugar
  • $15.49 NZD
Equagold Tahitian Vanilla Syrup
  • $13.99 NZD
Equagold Vanilla Extract
  • $17.99 NZD
Equagold Tahitian Vanilla Gourmet Pods
  • $23.99 NZD
Belgian Style Dark 53% Chocolate Couverture
  • From $15.49 NZD
Belgian Style White Chocolate Couverture
  • From $15.49 NZD
Belgian Style Milk Chocolate Couverture
  • From $15.49 NZD